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Windows 9 Coming To Windows 8 Users For Free?

Windows 9 Coming To Windows 8 Users For Free?

Of course we have all heard about the new Windows version coming out soon. We also know that many of us who use Windows 8 have some issues with it. But Microsoft is looking to change all of that. Most of the problems with Windows 8 were not bugs or huge problems with the actual framework of the OS, it was the aesthetics that threw people for a loop. Currently with the Start Menu none-existent it makes things a little harder to work with. But fortunately things are looking up as of Build 2014.

What is going to happen for Windows 9 is that the Start Menu will make a big return in the new OS and also incorporate the Live Tiles we see in the Start Screen. The Start Screen will not be going away though. It will be accompanying the Start Menu where you can do the straightforward tasks you wish you could do now.

That isn’t the best news, though. According to a couple of sources, it sounds as though the new OS will be available FREE to current Windows 8 users. As a current Windows 8 user myself, I sure hope this is the case. Let us know in the comments if you are a Windows 8 user and you would wish to get the OS for free. Microsoft is rumored to release Windows 9 tomorrow at a press event. Make sure to stay tuned for full coverage of that.

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