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ZeroLemon Releases 9000 mAh Battery For The LG G3

ZeroLemon Releases 9000 mAh Battery For The LG G3

Have you ever looked at your LG G3 and thought “I wish I could use this thing for a few days without charging it”. Well, with the stock battery that’s simply not possible. ZeroLemon however is here to help you with your desire of battery life for days. The company has just released an extended battery for the LG G3 bringing a full 9,000 mAh to the table. While that doesn’t to anything for the aesthetics of the phone, it does mean you won’t have to be charging it all that much.

The battery retails for $59.99 on Amazon and comes with a 180 day ZeroLemon warranty. It’s compatible with all G3 models as well. So, are you game to try this battery out, or are you waiting to here how it works in real life? Be sure to stay tuned as we will have a full review of this battery soon.

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