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How To Remove AM/PM Indicator On LG G3 With Xposed Framework

How To Remove AM/PM Indicator On LG G3 With Xposed Framework

If you’re an Android enthusiast like me, there’s one thing you probably do with most phones you buy, root it. Why do we root our phones? For many its to clean up OEM skins. That’s what I did with my LG G3 and if you put a little work into it, the results are awesome. You can clean up icons, remove some bloatware, and add extra options that make the user experience much better. There’s one thing though that I enjoy over just about anything else, cleaning up the status bar. LG’s status bar is extremely cluttered, and just a couple small tweaks can remedy that. My favorite tweak is removing the AM/PM indicator. It really makes a difference. So here’s how to do it.

First, you’ll need to download and install Xposed Framework. You can find out how to do that here from our friends at Android Coliseum. After you’ve done that, install G3 Tweaks Box from Google Play. The app is free but I highly recommend buying the pro key within the app. Before we proceed, you’ll need to activate G3 Tweaks Box as an Xposed module which will require a reboot.

Next let’s get to the fun part. First, head to the “theme tweaks” section.

Ensure that the toggle next to “enable theme mod” is turned on.

After that go ahead and go to the section entitled “status bar”. Within this section you can clean up many more parts of the status bar, but for now we’ll focus on the clock section.

Under “clock settings”, find “clock style”.

Here you will want to choose “Custom HTML style”.

After you’ve selected that, move down to the next option which is titled “Custom HTML format”. Within this section type you can choose your time format. To get our desired results, type in the following: “h:mm”. This removes the AM/PM indicator and keeps a 12 hour time. To use 24 hour (military) time. Type “kk:mm”. Obviously, avoid using the quotations in either scenario.

After you’ve done this, simply reboot the device and the clock should have switched. If you have any issues, leave a comment below or contact me @NexusBen on Twitter and I will do my best to help out.

Note: If you are an LG G2 user, use this app to accomplish this. The process is nearly the same.

Download Xposed Framework

Download G3 Tweaksbox

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