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iOS 8 Is Already on 46% Of All Compatible Apple Devices

iOS 8 Is Already on 46% Of All Compatible Apple Devices

On September 17, something special happened. Apple slapped us in the face with their well designed and upgraded new iOS: iOS 8. Features upon features later we see what we can only describe as a step up with Apple. But this isn’t an article about iOS itself, it’s about how many people have actually already upgraded to iOS.

According to Apple only five days after the release over 46% of people with compatible Apple devices had upgraded their iPhones and iPads. But what remains is 49% of people with iOS 7 on their devices, along with a 5% wielding other versions previous to iOS 7. Another thing to note is that iOS 7 ran on approximately 90% of devices before iOS 8 was released.

Statistics show that iOS 8 is a little slower in getting up there in downloads compared to iOS 7. This is mainly because of the hardware space taken up when downloading the OS. Anyhow, if you do have a compatible device, it is suggested that you update. Have you already updated and have become one of the 46%? Let us know in the comments.

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