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Android L To Release November 1st – New Nexus Devices Coming Mid-October

Android L To Release November 1st – New Nexus Devices Coming Mid-October

We’re all waiting with open arms for Google to drop the latest and greatest version of Android, and we won’t have too much longer to wait if this information is true. Source familar with Android Authority have just outed what might be the dates that we will see the new Android update and also when we will get the latest Nexus hardware.

According to these sources, Android L will be publicly released on November 1st of this year. Many of us have been running developer builds of the new update since Google released it at I/O, but an official release will mean seeing the update on devices like the Nexus 4 and Moto X so that the public gets to try it out.

But what is a new Android release without a new Nexus? Well it seems that we’ll have that as well. HTC has been long rumored to be working with Google to release the Nexus 9 tablet and there’s also speculation about a new Nexus phone from Motorola. Neither has been confirmed, but these latest leaks point to the device’s being officially announced on October 15th or October 16th. This lines up with leaks seen last week from respected Android developer Paul O’ Brien.

Are you getting excited for these announcements? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for further information in the future!

Source: Android Authority

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