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A Weekend With The Moto 360 – My Thoughts So Far

A Weekend With The Moto 360 – My Thoughts So Far

Easily the most anticipated Android Wear device, the Moto 360 has finally been released to the average consumer. Reviews from many brought up some interesting opinions on the device. Some have problems with the battery, others with “the chin”, yet pretty much everyone loves it for one reason, the design. I got my Moto 360 this past Thursday, and spend three full days with the watch, so here are my thoughts so far.

The design of this watch is obviously pretty amazing. It’s the first smartwatch to feel and look like a standard watch. It’s stainless steel construction and real leather band only add to the premium feeling. The disadvantage of that round design is that it makes a lot of things harder. First, the software. We’re looking at Android Wear on the Moto 360 and while it is optimized for the round display, it’s only to an extent. Once in a while something will be cut off and some apps just don’t play with it well. That’s the least of my concerns though. Since this watch is round, it takes away a lot of space where the battery could be. There’s some debate on what the actual capacity of the battery is, but either way, it could have been more.

Battery life on the Moto 360 isn’t too bad however. With ambient off, I finally put the watch on the charger with around 35% of my battery left. That’s usually after 14 hours of use. Sunday though, I tried using the watch with ambient mode turned on. At the moment of writing this article it’s about 9:15 and the watch is just over 15%. In my opinion, this is pretty unacceptable. My LG G Watch with it’s screen always on lasts much longer than this, yet many people are willing to overlook that fact entirely. I’m not.

There’s one more area to look at that I’ve noticed with the 360 so far. It’s performance. While the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are both powered by a Snapdragon 400 processor, the Moto 360 is powered by an ancient TI OMAP 3 processor. This lends itself to some pretty laggy situations with the watch. Numerous times I’ve seen dropped frames and extremely slow loading on apps with this watch. Why Motorola chose this processor is beyond me. The only thing I can think is that they just have a massive room filled with them.

All in all though I’ve had very mixed feeling about the 360 over my first couple days of use. Make sure to stay tuned as I’ll be posting my full review of the Moto 360 in a couple weeks after I’ve spent more time with the watch as my daily driver. The initial thoughts however, this watch is very underwhelming.

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