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News Update On Blocks – The Idea Set For Huge Advancements

News Update On Blocks – The Idea Set For Huge Advancements

Recently there has been a complete storm of news. The Apple Watch was announced along with the iPhone 6 variants. We also have many other companies like Motorola and LG working on their released smartwatches. But one name we heard a while back still exists. Blocks. If you don’t remember what Blocks is, it’s an idea for a modular smartwatch that allows you to constantly upgrade and change the way your smartwatch looks and performs. It was an amazing idea with great possibility for advancements in the future.

Background Info

“Why not build a smartwatch that let’s the user decide what hardware they want?”

That’s what the idea started from. Blocks is a modular smartwatch idea which allows you to constantly change what type of hardware you have. It gives you the power over how it performs and what it does best. They describe it as an appstore, but for hardware. Imagine the different possibilities you could obtain by collect certain pieces to the puzzle. When you are done putting that puzzle together, it’s exactly what you wanted. Still in early development right now, though. You can visit their new blog at for more information on this awesome innovation.

The Big News

So you may be wondering what’s the big news with Blocks? Well recently they have announced that they are now being backed up by none other than Intel. Intel has supported the movement with $50,000 towards research and development. This also gives them the chance to use the Intel Edison in their devices and prototypes. The Intel Edison features 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of Flash Storage.

It’s pretty much what would have been a full desktop not that long ago, on the size of a postage stamp

— Mike Bell, Intel’s Head Of New Product Design

This ready-made board helps developers in a huge way. It allows effort and time spent on work to be cut down by about 9 months according to the team. So that means no waiting around for too long if you have plans for developing in cooperation with Blocks. Allowing you to put what you made contributed into the Blockstore. 

Why might Blocks be a better idea than a simple smartwatch? Here are some reasons straight from the source:

  • You will be able to upgrade to the latest in tech, meaning you will never go out of date.
  • Electronics will be spread around your wrist instead of confined to the top.
  • Blocks will be specific to you thus making it “truly personal”.

So if you like what you have heard so far don’t forget to check out the official blog for Blocks at Also, let us know what you think is in store for Blocks future. We would love to get some feedback.

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