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HTC Nexus 9 To Launch October 16th?

HTC Nexus 9 To Launch October 16th?

The rumors have been here a while and it seems like it’s finally going to happen. HTC is building a Nexus tablet. We’ve been waiting for a new addition to the Nexus lineup quite a while now, and it seems we finally have a date for that to happen. October 16th.

Why that date? Paul O’ Brien, a trust figure in the Android community says he recently recieved an anonymous tip that the tablet would be launched on that date. Of course there’s no way to prove if this date is real, or even the credibility of it, but hey, it wouldn’t be the first time an anonymous tip turned out true. Looking at the big picture, it seems completely reasonable that this would be the launch date. One thing is definitely sure however, this won’t be the last Nexus leak/rumor coming up to that date. Why? It’s Nexus season.

Via: Android Authority

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