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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming This Spring, Includes Demo For Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming This Spring, Includes Demo For Final Fantasy XV

Out in Japan, Tokyo Game Show 2014 has officially started today. Here, we get some major announcements and reveals from Japan-based companies like Konami and Square Enix. Speaking of which is an awesome announcement for those eagerly waiting for the next entries in the FInal Fantasy series.

A new blog post on the official Square Enix website confirms that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will release in 2015 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will release in North America on March 17th, Japan on March 19th, and Europe on March 20th. To celebrate, a new TGS 2014 trailer for Type-0 HD was released, which you can check out below.

Even more interesting is the announcement of an upcoming demo for Final Fantasy XV titled Episode Duscae, which will be included as a download code in every copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Episode Duscae takes place near the beginning of FInal Fantasy XV and has been tweaked for presentation in a demo format. Also to celebrate this, a new TGS 2014 trailer for Final Fantasy XV was released and be checked out below as well.

Another newsworthy detail concerning Final Fantasy XV is that Tetsuya Nomura will no longer be directing, with Hajime Tabata taking the reigns. While it may seem shocking that the director switch is happening this far into development, there is good reason. Nomura now has the ability to focus on his other projects including Kingdom Hearts III, and Tabata’s experience with Crisis Core and Type-0 will help with any adjustments that need to be made in Final Fantasy XV’s Action-RPG design.

After the past few years of the XII trilogy, I’ve been a little uneasy about jumping on the Final Fantasy train again. The more I see of XV, though, the more it’s starting to peak my interest again. With Type-0 considered by many to be the best Final Fantasy game in years, the HD release may be the game to push me into jumping on board.

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