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Wireless Charging Coming To An Upcoming Chromebook?

Wireless Charging Coming To An Upcoming Chromebook?

A recent Chromium commit has revealed something very interesting about an upcoming Chromebook. The commit was dated August 25th, but recently found by Reddit user basmith7. Just by looking at the commit, it’s pretty clear what we are dealing with. “Enable inductive charging on Ryu”. That’s right, wireless charging.

Wireless charging is nothing new to Google and many other OEMs, on phones and tablets, but never before have we seen a Chromebook with wireless charging available. Ryu is a development board, which is basically an unannounced device in development. Obviously Google is a fan of inductive, wireless, charging. Specifically of the Qi standard as that’s what we have seen in many of their Nexus devices including the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 2013, and Nexus 5. Intel is also pushing heavily for wireless charging to become a standard. Since Intel works with Google quite often on Chromebooks, it only makes sense that both companies would want to test this out. Whether or not we see this hit the light of day however is a different story. 

Via: OMGChrome, Basmith7 (Reddit)

Source: Chromium

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