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Has Android Silver Been Put On Hold?

Has Android Silver Been Put On Hold?

Google was rumored to introduce a new program this year at I/O known as Android Silver, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. So what is it? Android Silver is a program that would take flagship hardware from OEMs like Samsung, LG, HTC and more and basically turn them into a Nexus. The phones would be sold alongside the standard variant in carrier stores and online, but also available through Google Play. The phones would run stock Android and have Nexus like updates to the latest software. Sounds amazing right? Well it seems Google has put this on hold.

According to a report from The Information, the departure of Nikesh Arora, one of the program’s leads, has forced Google to place the project on hold for a while. But that’s not the only factor that could be causing them to do this. It’s future is uncertain at this point, especially with Google putting heavy focus on their new Android One program. The program also apparently recieved “mixed reactions” from potential hardware partners. For a long time, Android Silver had been rumored to replace both the Google Play Edition and Nexus lines altogether, but if there’s one brightside to this news, it’s that Nexus may keep kicking a while longer. 

Source: The Information

Via: Droid Life

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