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Could Prices For The Apple Watch Top Out At $5,000? – A Long-Time Apple Analyst Thinks So

Could Prices For The Apple Watch Top Out At $5,000? – A Long-Time Apple Analyst Thinks So

Apple finally released their first wearable, the Apple Watch, last week at an event in Cupertino. The company was given a standing ovation for the device, and whether you like it or not, it’s on it’s way. However the company didn’t go into too many details about the device. Battery life, water resistance, and extra bands are all things we are in the dark about, and Apple likely won’t be giving any insight into the matter. Just looking at the materials involved alone, long-time Apple analyst John Gruber has determined what he believes could possibly be the prices for each of the three editions of the Apple Watch.

Obviously we know that the base model with cost $349, already a steep price point compared to some other models currently available. It seems that that price will go along with the Apple Watch Sport. The standard Apple Watch however is estimated to cost as much as $999. No you didn’t read that wrong. A grand for your smartwatch. Why is this the case? Mainly because of the stainless steel chassis and sapphire display. But if that didn’t shock you, let’s get right into it. The Apple Watch Edition (I’d love to meet whoever came up with that name) is estimated to cost up to $4,999. Why is that the case? One reason, 18-karat gold. That’s right, this version of Apple’s wearable isn’t gold-colored or coated, it’s 100% made of gold. The absolute minimum Apple could charge for this version is around $1,999 since the gold alone will probably cost upwards of $1,500. The price could however go up to just under $10,000 if you consider Apple’s profit margins.

Surprisingly though, this price is actually justified. You might not be able to wrap your brain around that, so let me explain. Apple is not marketing this watch as a smartwatch. They are marketing it as a watch. That means they can go up against some luxury watches with it, and in that place, this gold version will be priced pretty low. Tradional gold timepieces made from 18-karat gold sometimes cost over $30,000. Yes of course they look better than Apple’s wearable, but since most people who would buy that timepiece already have an iPhone, it in a way makes sense for Apple to target those users with the Apple Watch Edition. Looking at it as a smartwatch, this is just an absurd price, but look at it from the perspective of a luxury watch buyer, and this is a pretty good deal.

So what are your thoughts on these prices? Is Apple totally losing their minds, or do they have a chance selling these? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Just don’t be shocked next year when the Apple Watch comes out next year with prices raising into the thousands.

Via: PhoneArena

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