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Atran Icon Pack Review

Atran Icon Pack Review

Do you like circles? Do you like gradient backgrounds and soft colors? If the answer to those questions were “possibly” then this icon pack is worth checking out. 

The Atran icon Pack is something I actually enjoy on my device. I like the gradient textures on the back of each icon and the soft coloration of each. Everything flows really nicely and brings a clean look. If I were to change anything, though, it would be the coloration of the white in some of the icons. For example, the background of the YouTube app is a bit yellow instead of a true white. But this may be me.

The wallpapers that come with this app all look beautiful. Well designed and elegant. More than 2,000 HD icons are included with the purchase. The pack is also constantly being updated as well.

The given overall score of the Atran Icon Pack I think would be an 8/10. Only complaints would be the white coloration. But again, that’s opinionated. The overall design is clean and fluid and has me pretty content.

You can check out the link at the bottom of this page to purchase the icon pack if you would like. 

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