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The Apple Watch Is Water Resistant, But Not Quite As Much As You’d Hope

The Apple Watch Is Water Resistant, But Not Quite As Much As You’d Hope

Apple’s first watch is finally official, whether you’re happy about it or not. It comes to stores in 2015, and Apple is taking the time until then to sort out the final details. So far the details Apple has made public aren’t exactly vast, but they’ve made some key details known to the press. David Pogue of Yahoo! stated some of those details in his hands-on piece with the watch. This regarded how the watch will do against water.

The Apple Watch is indeed water resistant, but not to the degree we’ve seen with some other smartwatches. Apple told the press that rain, washing your hands, or sweat would not affect the watch, but you shouldn’t be using it in the shower or in the pool for example. Does that fact that this watch isn’t fully water resistant make you no longer want it, or in the level it is resistant work for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Apple reps offered individual briefings to some tech writers; there I learned a bunch of stuff that Apple didn’t say in its keynote.

For example, the Apple Watch is water resistant. Sweating, wearing it in the rain, washing your hands, or cooking with it are fine. Take it off before you swim or get in the shower, though.

— David Pogue – Yahoo

Source: Yahoo!

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