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Square Enix Is Starting To Recruit Core Staff For New RPG-Centric Studio

Square Enix Is Starting To Recruit Core Staff For New RPG-Centric Studio

Earlier this year, the success of Bravely Default and the lack thereof for Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns left an impression on Square Enix. The company acknowledges that Bravely Default’s original Japan-only design resonated with the Western market, and the company will now refocus on how they approach RPG design.

Now, those fruits are starting to bloom with Square Enix Holdings opening of a recruitment webpage for forming a brand new studio. The page is aimed at hiring core staff for “A New RPG Studio Ready To Go”. Since the studio is based in Japan, the text is in Japanese. Translation does show several positions open in Director, Planner, Programmer, Marketer, and Designer fields. Some of the studio positions are also asking for experience with Unity.

Seeing a studio start to form this early is pretty cool, but it also means that it will take a while to see anything close to a release from this new unnamed studio. Needing a position like Lead Programmer is enough indication that game design is a bit of a ways away.

As for Square Enix’s mainline RPGs, FInal Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are still in development. An HD port of Final Fantasy Type-0 has also been confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but no release date has been announced yet.

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