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New iPhone 6 Leaks Show Off The Working 4.7″ Inch Model On Video

New iPhone 6 Leaks Show Off The Working 4.7″ Inch Model On Video

I’m going to be honest. If this is not the iPhone 6 whoever cloned it is good and real good at that! A user on Weibo has uploaded some photos and a video of what looks like a working iPhone 6. Whats interesting is software does not have the same tells as the Android fakes seen many times before. What is interesting is that in one of the video we apparently see the user bypass the passcode by using the finger print sensor. Im pretty sure that these “Android Fakes” has functioning finger print sensors. If thats the case this has to be one of the best clones ever!

We have seen many leaks of the iPhone 6 but these might just be the best one yet! We do not know exactly what Apple has in store this Tuesday and we can not confirm that these leaks are real. We will let you draw those conclusion for yourself. But one thing we can say is this Tuesday will certainly be interesting!  Below I have gone ahead and linked the videos along with the photos that leaked earlier today. 

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