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Lenovo Reveals the Tab S8 – A Powerful Tablet For A Low Price

Lenovo Reveals the Tab S8 – A Powerful Tablet For A Low Price

Recently at IFA 2014 we are seeing great new products, each with their own price-tag. But those price-tags can be heavy. But something hits us about Lenovo’s new release, the Tab S8. The Tab S8 comes at an astonishing $199. It isn’t necessarily a budget device either! 

With an 8-inch screen on the device, it’s almost the perfect size for a tablet. It also packs a 1920×1200 16:10 IPS Panel into it. Again, these aren’t bad specs at all. It kind of makes us wonder why such a low price. The processor within is an Intel SoC quad-core Z3745. The tablet also has 2GB of RAM. Unfortunately, though the device only has 16GB of storage at the base model, along with no extension of storage available. To try to make up for that they added an 8MP camera on the back. To top it all off, the tablet is running Android 4.4 out of the box.

When will it be available? According to Lenovo it will be as soon as later this month. The Tab S8 comes in variants of Balck, Blue, White, and Yellow. Check out the full release down below.

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