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Switching From iOS to Android – My Thoughts

Switching From iOS to Android – My Thoughts

For the past few years I have been using iOS devices. Granted, these devices were not necessarily up-to-date. I started using the iPod Touch 4th Generation when it first came out and personally loved it. At that time Android was not all it was cracked up to be. So, seeing how Android was doing at the time, I stuck with the iPhone line when I decided to purchase a phone. Now because of what I will call “lack of funds”, I got the iPhone 4 from Verizon because it was free and I thought “why not?!”. During this time the iPhone 4 was one step behind the iPhone 5 and I still liked it for the time being. Eventually, though, the iPhone 4 began to slow down tremendously, as was expected. But because I had made the mistake of being on a contract, I kept to the phone until only recently. Yes, you read right. Only just recently did I finally drop the iPhone 4 and start using an Android device.

I got the LG G2 off of Ben Schoon, a fellow writer and good friend. Now – as you probably understand – Android is doing quite well with their productivity and devices. You probably also know that the LG G2 is one of LG’s flagships of the previous year, followed by the recent LG G3. All that being said, I am having a great time with Android and what it has to offer. So why don’t we get into it: Pros and Cons of Android Vs. iOS.

Things I Like

I want to point out that I am a huge fan of Icon Packs. I rarely use the skin provided by LG G2 for the UI. This helps tremendously when I have a change of heart and want something a little different. Icon Packs provide a subtle change with a powerful impact. That brings me to something I absolutely love about Android: customization. Widgets, Icon Packs, and Launchers are all great for customization. If I need info about something near me or possibly game stats it’s already there in tile form up-to-date using Google Now. Don’t like the color of your folders? Change it with a launcher! These are all things that help me appreciate and enjoy my device better. Unfortunately, iOS has none of this. The only way to get halfway there would be to jailbreak your device. Another great thing about Android in general is variation in performance. Now with dozens of Android phones, it’s easy to get a phone that fits what you need it for. It’s also a little easier to get a good price on a phone that you want. These are only some of the things I like about Android of many. But there are some things I don’t find myself fond of.

Things I Don’t Like

Bugs. Bugs everywhere. Well maybe not everywhere but it’s definitely noticeable. More crashes and more problems. If there was something I did like about iOS, it was it’s stability. Mostly smooth performance and a reliable device. Now, I’m not saying that Android isn’t reliable. It is. But it just has a few more kinks in it. This is understandable though. Why? Well because Android has to be tweaked for each and every device that uses it. This means that some devices are a little harder to program because of performance needs and other variables. Also with so many Android devices out there now, there is a higher concentration of problems with the OS. You won’t find this with iOS simply because iOS is tailored to one set of devices: iPhones and iPads. Another thing I do find easier to use with iOS is the storage process. Most things are easily compatible with iOS and if they aren’t then it doesn’t take a lot of work to tweak it. So everything is easily stored and used. But do not confuse this with ease of access. iOS tends to hide a lot of your files away from you while you can clearly see everything on your Android device if you use the right app. Just finding what you need is the problem. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to get what you need but when you do it’s a sigh of relief.

So those were just a few things I found about the Android Vs. iOS experience. Please do note that in this article I was trying to have an unbiased opinion of the two OS’s. I may occasionally switch between the OS’s because the both have something to offer. Also, if you liked this article be sure to let me know what you think about the constant OS battle and discuss it amongst yourselves in the comments which you prefer and think is superior.

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