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OnePlus One Invite System Will Finally Come To An End This October

OnePlus One Invite System Will Finally Come To An End This October

The OnePlus One is a truly impressive device, if you can get it. The company had plenty of hype leading up to the device, and the one thing that kept many people from getting it was the invite system. To buy the phone, many customers had to beg others for invites or even pay for the invite itself. The system has been in place for months, and at this point it’s just plain annoying. Customers who were set to buy the device were blocked for too long and moved on. Luckily that will change soon.

In a Reddit AMA OnePlus revealed that they are planning to remove the invite system to move to a more traditional system in October. Now this isn’t the usual buy and get system as on other devices. This system would mean that a user puts their name into a pre-order and waits in line to get the phone. Why? Because the company is still having supply issues. The key here though is that users will be able to simply order the device rather than having to wait for an invite. The new pre-order system was originally planned for September, but is now expected by October.

Source: OnePlus Reddit

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