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HTC One E8 Officially Comes To Sprint For $99

HTC One E8 Officially Comes To Sprint For $99

HTC’s One M8 has been a very popular device, and for good reason. But one flaw is it’s price. It’s definitely not a cheap device. That gave HTC the idea to make a less expensive version. The HTC One E8 came out of that bring the same great features and specifications as the M8, but with a plastic body and lower price tag. The device until now has not been available through a US carrier, but Sprint today made that a thing of the past by adding the phone to their network.

The E8 carries the same specifications as the M8 but at the low price of $499. That’s quite a difference from the $649 the M8 costs on Sprint. The E8 is available for $0 down and $20.84 a month or $99 on a two-year contract as well. The E8 is definitely a great option for Sprint’s network if you’re in the market for a new phone with them.

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