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Huawei Thinks That Tizen Is Doomed To Fail

Huawei Thinks That Tizen Is Doomed To Fail

If you are interested in any operating system that isn’t of the popular crowd like Tizen or Windows, then you might want to hear this. In an interview with the CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu gave somewhat of a professional opinion regarding the smaller OS’s.

In the interview from the Wall Street Journal, Yu tells his plans for Tizen and Windows. When someone had asked them to make new Tizen smartphones, they said that they were all doomed. This is even though they had a research team looking into the development of Tizen phones. He also talked about Windows development and said that he has been losing money to making these handsets for a while now and feels that customers are hard to persuade to buy a Windows Phone device. 

It’s easy to design a new OS, but the problem is building the ecosystem around it.

— Richard Yu

In the long run, sticking to Android is the best option as of yet for them. Can you blame them?

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