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StepBOT Is An Interactive Fitness Game For Android Wear That You Should Go Back On Kickstarter

StepBOT Is An Interactive Fitness Game For Android Wear That You Should Go Back On Kickstarter

Android Wear is a platform with endless possibilities. So far we’ve seen plenty of useful apps, and many of them have a lot to do with fitness. Android Wear has a built in step counter which uses the pedometer inside every Android Wear device. The Samsung Gear Live and Moto 360 both also pack heart rate sensors. The platform is ready to help users get in shape, but there’s one problem, those users.

If you’re like me, you want to get in shape, but by the time you set your mind to it, you’ve got something else to do. So how can you make it fun? For me, use technology. So this new game called StepBOT is perfect for me. The basis of the game is to keep your bot moving along to complete missions. The more steps you take in real life, the more your bot will continue going. Missions range from finding a new source of energy to trying to find an explanation to its tainted food supply and more. The steps you take each day keeps the game going. The more steps you take, the more you can do. 

Playing the game is a frankly genius way to use your step count rather than just having a list of them. You can even compete with your friends to see who is further in the game. So what’s the point of it all? To get us all more excited to get up and be more fit. The game will integrate with Android, iOS, Android Wear, and even the Fitbit.

The game on Android Wear is what I’m focusing on however. Unlike some other games I’ve seen for Android Wear, this one actually makes sense. The game only requires 10-15 seconds of attention at a time so you don’t have to drop what you’re doing to play the game. Android Wear isn’t the place for a fully fledged Android game, so this game is designed to simply be able to open it with a couple taps and get back to the real world.

So, excited yet? Me too. The game is currently in development, with only some prototypes ready to go. To finish the game, the development team need help. They have a Kickstarter campaign going, and they’ve already gathered over half their $5,000 goal. There are 15 days left to donate, and the perks are pretty awesome. For $5, you get a beta-invitation along with access to backer-only items. Higher pledges get better items including exclusive in game items, decals, smartwatch skins, exclusive characters, extra beta invitations, and much more. My personal pledge was for $15 and that got me something that I couldn’t resist. Giving my character Google Glass. All the items are expected to be in your hands in October of this year. 

Check out the game on Kickstarter and make your pledge now! The sooner the goal is met, the sooner we get to play!

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