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New Leaks Show Off Moto G2 Upgrades

New Leaks Show Off Moto G2 Upgrades

The Moto G is one of the most successful smartphones Motorola has ever released, and for good reason. It provides the best user experience in it’s price class. So now with Motorola’s big unveiling event on September 4th, set up unveil a few products, what can we expect in the second Moto G?

Thanks to a new leak from HelloMotoHK, we know pretty much everything that’s new in the Moto G2. The teaser image shown above is based on their leaks and not an official Motorola document. There are five primary changes to the device, the screen, bezels, speakers, camera, and storage. The screen has been upgraded to a 5″ inch display and the bezels have been trimmed to accommodate. The phone’s footprint is definitely taller, but it’s almost no wider. Why is it taller? Those front facing speakers. While they probably aren’t the best speakers in the world, the fact that they are on the front should be a huge plus for sound quality. The camera has also been upgraded to 8MP which is a great upgrade for almost anyone. Shots will hopefully be much more crisp thanks to the extra megapixels. Another great update is the addition of a microSD card. This image doesn’t mention adding LTE, but since there is a Moto G with LTE, hopefully that’ll be carried over.

Specifications are pretty much the same otherwise. The display is still 720p and everything should be powered by a Snapdragon 400 and 1GB of RAM. Are you getting excited for the Moto G2? Let us know in the comments!

Source: HelloMotoHK

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