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LG G2 To Reportedly Receive Upgrade To G3’s Interface – Android L In 2015

LG G2 To Reportedly Receive Upgrade To G3’s Interface – Android L In 2015

The LG G2 set a solid foundation for what came this year, the LG G3. Both phones are solid devices and the G3 brought plenty of improvements. One of the most notable was the interface. With an extremely cleaned up UX that performs extremely well, the G3 certainly is a pleasure to use. While many of LG’s other new devices have adopted the same interface, older devices have not, the G2 included. Luckily though, that might change.

LG has not officially come out to state that the G2 would receive an upgrade, but sources familiar with PhoneArena state that it will. When? Apparently by the end of this year. The update would bring features like Knock Code, the Smart Keyboard, and many of LG’s other refreshed features and apps. But’s that’s not all, apparently the G2 will also get an upgrade to Android L sometime in 2015. Considering at that point the device will be entering it’s second year, that’s pretty impressive support. That’s further emphasized by the fact that an LG G2 currently costs about as much as the Nexus 5, but brings an overall better experience.

Would you want to see this all happen? I certainly would. It would make the LG G2 a solid option for anyone looking for a device on the cheap. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are.

Via: PhoneArena

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