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LG Patents All Future Flagships Until 2020

LG Patents All Future Flagships Until 2020

Don’t you just love it when the next rumored device doesn’t have a name quite yet and there is a load of hype going around about the device because everyone is wondering what it will be called? For instance, take the Moto X+1. No one really knew it would be called that. No one really thought that they would actually name it that and some people just ignored the rumors. But sometimes what happens is that there are no surprises at all. As an example the iPhone line is positively making an iPhone 6. With that, there are no surprises.

So let’s actually talk about the main point. LG has filed patents for the devices to come in their flagship line. That line includes the recent stunning LG G3. So you might think “Oh, what are they going to name the next device? Something different, profound, daring?” I can tell you right now. The next device in their flagship line will be: the G4.

Surprised? Well you shouldn’t have been after that intro! LG has patented that name to make sure no one else can use it for their devices. They also patented the G5 and G6 along with the G7, G8, and G9. All of these are up until the year 2020.

So now you don’t have to wonder what’s to come from them because you know what’s to come. This isn’t to say that any of the future devices will be downplayed in anyway. No matter what it’s going to be I’m still really excited to see what the G4 has to offer. 

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