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HTC One M8 For Windows Is Coming To AT&T, Eventually…

HTC One M8 For Windows Is Coming To AT&T, Eventually…

The HTC One M8 for Windows finally became official the other day, but it was unclear if the device would ever be heading to anyone but Verizon Wireless. HTC even said that the phone would be a Verizon exclusive, but it seems that the exclusive is only temporary. 

Information out of AT&T tells us that the phone will be headed to their network with the same great design and with Windows Phone 8.1 still on board, but with less logos. Swapping Verizon’s giant logo for AT&T’s globe proves the device will indeed hit the network. Unfortunately though there’s no time frame as to when that might happen other than “coming soon”. For now though, your only option is to get the phone through the Big Red. 

You can sign up for updates on when the device is coming out through AT&T. Are you interested in picking it up?

Source: AT&T

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