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Three Reasons A Chromebook Is Still Better A Budget Windows Laptop

Three Reasons A Chromebook Is Still Better A Budget Windows Laptop

Chromebooks have been flooding the market lately due to one major factor, their price. Starting at $200 few computers come close to the price point of these machines, and most people know that. Some OEMs have created their own Chromebooks to ride the wave, but Microsoft doesn’t get anything out of that. Before Chromebooks, they were the king with budget computers, but not anymore. There’s been a lot of talk going around lately that Microsoft was working with OEMs to create “Chromebook Killers”, $200 Windows 8.1 laptops, but are they really Chromebook killers? I don’t think so, and here are three reasons why.


“Wait wait wait, capability? Windows is much more capable than Chrome OS. How is this a factor?” That’s what might be going through your head right now, and it’s true. Windows has much more flexibility as an operating system and can do much more, but when on low-end hardware, that’s not true. Instead that flexibility causes the machine to trip over itself. Windows has relatively high hardware requirements when compared to Chrome OS. While Chrome OS can fly on a low-end processor and 2GB of RAM, Windows is going to have a tough time. Opening up programs on top of that isn’t going to help at all either. This is what makes Chrome more capable. Since the OS is much more light weight, it bogs down the system less and allows you to in the end, do more.


This is almost a continuation of my previous point. Chrome is lightweight which means that it’s also fast. The average boot up on a Chromebook is less than 10 seconds, something most Windows machines can only dream about. A Windows machine running on the specifications of the average Chromebook isn’t going to do just about anything well.

Image Credit: Digital Trends

Image Credit: Digital Trends


This is the biggest reason by far. A Chromebook is low cost, and doesn’t really cut many corners to do that. The laptop runs Chrome OS which requires very little power under the hood and can do a lot. You don’t need a super powered processor or a ton of RAM to have a pleasant experience on a Chromebook. Even the hardware on most Chromebooks is pretty good. Even performs well and stay like that for a long time. While a Windows machine may do fine out of the box, within a few months, the tone has changed.

Do you agree? Which would you pick, Chromebook or Windows, and why? Let us know in the comments!

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