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Yes, You Can Use Google Cardboard With An iPhone

Yes, You Can Use Google Cardboard With An iPhone

Google introduced a frankly awesome little toy at their developer conference, Google I/O,  this year, and it’s called Google Cardboard. When first shown off, we were scratching our heads, wondering if it was just a joke, but it’s not long after it’s assembled that you see just how incredible this really is.

Using two lens to create a  3D virtual reality, this piece of cardboard really out does itself. Using your phone as the display, you can do some pretty amazing things with cardboard. I’ve shown it to a few friends, and the question I’m asked most after “How Does it Do That?” is, “Can I Use It With My iPhone?”. Up until now, I thought the answer was no. However there are actually some apps in the App Store that do work with the headset.

Dive City Roller Coaster is a favorite of mine on Android, and it has been on iOS just as long. The app sends you through a roller coaster and uses sensors to detect your movement and change your view in game accordingly. The app is designed for a different headset aside from Cardboard, but does work with it. A few other apps that work include Moorente and The Height.

Now, if you do choose to try Cardboard with your iPhone, keep in mind that you’ll need to find a way to extend the device’s footprint so that it fits properly in the viewing area of the headset.


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