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A Weekend With Spotify – What I Like And What I Don’t

A Weekend With Spotify – What I Like And What I Don’t

After the pressure of two people in particular trying to get me off Google Play Music and onto Spotify, I finally gave in and tried it out. I installed it on all my devices and used it exclusively.
I’ve been using Google Play Music All Access since it launched, and I’ve been loving it. I’ve stuck with it because I get a discounted rate for being an early adopter. However after Google re-implemented a policy severely limiting the amount of devices on your account, I started checking out other options. Spotify was one I knew was probably the best. After a few days using it, there’s a few things I liked, and a few I didn’t. 

Things I Liked

The Spotify app is not only beautiful, but performs very well too. It also has some interesting features such as control over what it playing on other devices with the app and playlists that you can use offline. Recommended playlists were also great and I found them pretty good. Unlike on Play Music, there’s a few more of them with more specific tastes of music. One thing I really enjoyed was the crossfade option. It makes the listening experience much better. As I mentioned eariler, Spotify Connect was pretty interesting as it allows you to play your music on another device and control it from any other. For example, if I’m on my phone, currently the LG G Vista, and want to listen to the music on one of my tablets, I can simply use Spotify Connect to start the music on that other device, yet still retain most of the controls on my phone.

Things I Don’t Like

While I do like Spotify as a whole so far, there are a lot of things that will likely end with me not continuing my subscription. First of all, the lack of Chromecast support. The ever-growing platform is very important to me as I like to listen to my music through my TV’s speakers when I’m home. Another thing would be the social plugins. While yes it’s great that I can share my music with others and follow people to see what they’re listening to, the Facebook exclusive tie-in kills it right away for me. Google+ or even Twitter log-in would be great, but alas, Facebook is still the only one some companies look at for their apps. The last major thing I don’t like about Spotify is the web app. There isn’t one. As an avid Chromebook user this genuinely hurts. I use my Chromebook 99% of the time when I’m at home, and I’d like to able to play my music from it. You can listen to music on the computer, but only on Windows or Mac as you have to download an actual program just to use it. That one might just be me, but the lack of a web app irks me.

All of that said I’m going to continue using Spotify as my daily service for the next few weeks. It is a great option for some, but so far I’m trying to find the part of it that’s for me. Google Play Music still seems like my best option for now.

If you’d like me to do something like this with another service, leave a comment down below and I’ll check it out.

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