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TMZ Gets Fooled By iPhone 6 Clone

TMZ Gets Fooled By iPhone 6 Clone

As if we didn’t already know, let’s make it clear, TMZ shouldn’t report on anything that has to do with technology. The infamous celebrity news outlet was tipped with some photos of what they were told was the iPhone 6. The tipster told them that the device had been smuggled out of Foxconn’s factory in China. Obviously though, they were fooled. The phone they were shown was actually one of the many iPhone 6 clones running Android currently available for sale in China.

TMZ was fooled, and their reporting on the matter fooled dozens of their readers in the comments as well. Some readers truly believed that this was indeed the iPhone 6, and for many, it was their first time seeing it. A few noted that it was the fake, but not many. Almost unbelievably, TMZ still hasn’t issued any statement about this false report.

Source: TMZ

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