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iPhone 6 Retail Packaging Allegedly Leaked

iPhone 6 Retail Packaging Allegedly Leaked
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iPhone 6 rumors and leaks are in full swing right now, but one thing we haven’t seen yet is the retail packaging. But it’s 2014, and everything leaks, so let’s take a quick look at what might just be the packaging for the iPhone 6. Now take this will a grain of salt as these images could have very easily been Photoshopped. The only piece of credibility I’ll give this leak is the fact that the device inside actually matches the box. With the now popular clones of the phone out in the wild, we haven’t seen the two match up. One note that is pretty strange is the fact that Apple’s new Health app isn’t shown on the phone’s screen. If Apple did in fact leave that out, it’s a pretty big thing for them to look over. 

What are your thoughts? Legit or not? Either way, the iPhone 6’s first official appearance is right around the corner with Apple hosting an event on September 9th. 

Via: PhoneArena

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