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Latest Google+ App Update Includes Stream Casting – Now Appearing For Some Users

Latest Google+ App Update Includes Stream Casting – Now Appearing For Some Users

Google+’s app has always been a highlight of the social network, and it seems to get better with every update. Even though we all know it has it’s quirks, it’s still one of the better apps available right now, even by Google’s standards. However while going through my Google+ stream tonight, I stumbled across something I didn’t expect to see, a new cast icon.

Now yes, I’m fully aware that Google+ as had the ability to cast photos to a Chromecast for a little while now, but this is different. As seen above, an cast icon came up on the app and upon hitting it, a cast menu came up. I chose my destination TV and to my surprise, I came across a hidden gem, the ability to cast my Google+ stream.

This really is as simple as it sounds. Once you choose a destination device, the app places your Google+ stream in a never ending slideshow on your TV. For now it seems that only posts that include photos or videos show up. I did see a couple posts that were only text, but nothing with only links. Options are very limited to only being able to filter out non-public posts. One the screen, three buttons are shown as “media controls” which allow for Play/Pause and skip back and forward.

As of publishing this I’m still able to cast my stream successfully and I will update this post if/when I lose access to this casting. In the meantime, are any of you seeing the same options? I’ve seen a couple people on Google+ posting about it, so I’d assume it’s not hit too many users just yet. Let me know in the comments if you have it!

Update: If you are not seeing this option, try clearing the cache on the Google+ app.

Note: I am using the latest version of the Google+ app for Android on my LG G3.

Google Play Services Version is 5.0.89 (1307510-030)

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