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Here’s Why Google Implemented The 4 Deauthorizations Policy – It Will Change Soon

Here’s Why Google Implemented The 4 Deauthorizations Policy – It Will Change Soon

Last night Google re-implemented a policy on Google Play Music that pretty much turned some users world’s upside down. The policy limits users to only deauthorizing 4 devices each year. While that isn’t too detrimental for the majority of users, a pretty large group of people, myself included, aren’t exactly fans of this policy and are wondering why it was implemented in the first place.

To try and find out, I went and talked to Google’s support and I was able to get a reason as to why this happened.

“We limit the number of times you can swap out new devices at the request of some of our music partners in an effort to limit abuse. We understand this has caused some issues for users who often deauthorize and reauthorize the same device, and we are currently re-implementing the solution in a way that works for our users and music partners.”

In short, it’s Google’s music partners who are forcing this policy. However I was also told that Google was working with their partners to implement a new policy with their partners that is better for the users. They don’t have an estimated time frame for when that happens (or at least the person I talked to didn’t), but they did assure me that the new system is coming soon.

“I can see how it can be frustrating. Just know that we are working on a fix for it, we just don’t have an estimated time of when that will be implemented.”

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