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Yahoo Joins Google In An Effort To Encrypt Email

Yahoo Joins Google In An Effort To Encrypt Email

Even though a silent rivalry exists between the two, Yahoo and Google are teaming up to do good, at least to their users. The two companies want to create an encrypted email system that is impossible for hackers to get into, and for the governments to read.

Now don’t think this means Yahoo Mail and Gmail are combining, cause that’s not happening. The two services will likely share the same encryption, likely slightly varied between the two, to create a great email service for consumers. This encryption even goes further since they are aiming to make it mathematically impossible for even the government to read a message that was handed over in court. While that might be a little questionable, it would mark a huge step in encrypted messaging. The new tool would be optional for users to activate. It would not hide the data behind the message such as who sent it or the subject line, but would only hide the message itself.

Google had announced they were starting this project a couple months ago, but it’s significant that Yahoo is joining in since they still hold a significant amount of the world’s email users. Estimates put Gmail at about 366 million users and Yahoo in second with 273 million.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you glad these two companies are coming together to do this? Let us know in the comments.

Via: WSJ

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