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Pokémon Center Online Store Reopens In North America

Pokémon Center Online Store Reopens In North America

The Pokémon Center store is well known in Japan and in a couple cities in North America for offering official Pokémon merchandise. For a while, there was an online store available for people in these two countries, but the site was closed in North America back in 2008.

Now, after some announcements in the past few months, the Pokémon Center online store has reopened. A variety of official merchandise is available, from plushes and T-shirts to phone cases and trading cards.

To celebrate, Gamefreak is making a special Pokéball-patterned Vivillon available in Pokémon X and Y. This special pattern was previously only available for a short while in France, but now North American players who have a copy of either game can download it over the Internet via Mystery Gift until August 12th.

I gotta say, as a Pokémon fan this is pretty cool. I’ve been looking forward to getting to getting my hands on a Yveltal plush of my very own. There’s also some nice Grand Opening-themed stationery and accessories available if that peaks your interest, but the price seems a tad costly. Either way, having the Pokémon Center back up is pretty cool.

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