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Why I Left Sprint For T-Mobile

Why I Left Sprint For T-Mobile

This is a day I have been waiting about 2 years for. I have finally changed my primary number from Sprint to T-Mobile. My dislike for Sprint really isn’t that much of a secret and I don’t have any sympathy for them. What does that mean? Well, this is my opinions. Your experience may differ, but probably not by much. Over my time with Sprint, I’ve experienced a lot of things with them, so here’s the top three reasons why I left Sprint for T-Mobile.

Their Coverage

Sprint’s coverage is about as bad as this past year’s super bowl. Now my utter displeasure with Sprint’s network was while I owned an iPhone 5 and had no LTE due to the fact that Sprint was very slow in updating their towers. The area I live it isn’t a rural town, but a fast growing city in which Sprint shouldn’t have waited over two years to provide LTE service to. Now when writing this article it has only been about 5 months since they officially rolled out their LTE in my area. Now despite them rolling out LTE in my area it was very spotty and it was not reliable. Is T-Mobile all that different? In fact, yes they are. In my area, I’ve experienced great coverage with T-Mobile, and their LTE absolutely murders the speeds of even Sprint’s “faster” LTE better known as Sprint Spark.

Their Customer Service

Customer Service? I honestly wonder if Sprint really knows what that is. Sprint’s customer service is one of the worst I have ever experienced. The truly bad experience with the carrier’s customer service all started back when I got a Nexus 5. After waiting for the phone to come in the mail, I do my usual by calling in to have my new device activated. When speaking to the Sprint representative they told me I would have to get a new SIM card from my local store. No big problem, or so you would think. I walk into my local Sprint at about 4:35 PM and ask for a SIM card I end up having to wait 3 hours for them to then tell me that I have to pay $50.00. Yes $50.00, for a SIM card. That’s just highway robbery if you ask me. While I was at this store I saw numerous Sprint reps joking around and on their cell phones I can say I wasn’t the only customer who was fed up with their horrible customer service. Numerous other customers with other seemingly small issues were also being practically ignored. Sprint’s customer service is the saddest thing since Facebook Home.

Their Future

Looking at what Sprint has done in the past and what they are doing now I really don’t see them going anywhere. They are losing customers left and right they refuse to upgrade their network on time. Yes, they’ve made great upgrades over the past months, but not enough to keep up with their competition. If I had stayed with the carrier, I likely would have been in the same place I’ve been for the past several months. Sprint has been rumored to buy T-Mobile, but that in itself has been shot down. Sprint just does not have what it takes to win customer or even keep customers.

All of that said, you have to remember that I’m basing this off my own experience and opinions. If you happen to be a Sprint customer, why do you choose to remain with the carrier? Has your experience been different? Let me know in the comments below.

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