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Xiaomi Passes LG As Fifth Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Xiaomi Passes LG As Fifth Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Xiaomi has been previously said to be the quickest growing smartphone manufacturer in the world, and that’s having a big effect on the company and their marketshare. As they continue to make and sell more and more phones, they start to battle with the big boys. While a year ago the company only had about 1.8% of sales, in recent reports, they’ve even passed LG in terms of global smartphone shipments.

In the last quarter, Xiaomi shipped about 15.1 million phones which earned them the fifth spot on the top smartphone manufacturers list. That took LG down to sixth on the same list. Xiaomi’s success is only expected to continue, especially as they plan on entering many new markets. 

In this same report, Samsung and Apple both lost market share with Samsung taking the brunt losing about 7.4% of their global market share. Samsung is still sitting up high on top for now, but the lost market share definitely has the company worried. Perhaps just like the story of Icarus, they’ve flown too close to the sun.

Via: PhoneArena

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