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Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Coming Next Week

Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Coming Next Week

It’s that time again. As the day draws closer for the release of Hyrule Warriors, a new Nintendo Direct will be coming next week focusing on the upcoming release. According to the site and their Twitter post, Nintendo will be sharing new details about Hyrule Warriors.

Most likely, some new characters may be getting added, but some time may be dedicated to talking about some of the new Zelda-specific features Hyrule Warriors will have. The recent Features Trailer showed off some item use like Hookshot traversal and the original Legend of Zelda with some added challenges.

There could be some teases as well. A recent rumor has been circulating about a 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask that has had fairly credible evidence. There is also the potential of more information about the Wii U Legend of Zelda coming next year, but please don’t get your hopes up. If anything, we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct will start on Monday, August 4th at 8 PM PST/11 PM EST. If you happen to miss it, i’ll be providing a write-up of the Direct Tuesday and give you some of my opinions on the news. In the meantime, the character trailers for Ruto, Darunia, and Sheik are now available to watch if you are so inclined.

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