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Sheik, Ruto, And Darunia Will Be Playable In Hyrule Warriors

Sheik, Ruto, And Darunia Will Be Playable In Hyrule Warriors

As covered before, Nintendo and Koei Tecmo have been building up the hype for Hyrule Warriors ever since E3 2014. Bringing well-known characters into the mix from Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, I was starting to wonder when older characters would get the chance to be brought into the mix.

Now, new screenshots on the official site as well as a new feature trailer show off 3 new characters and some new locations based on Ocarina of Time.

The 3 new characters are the Sheikah Warrior Sheik, the Zora Princess Ruto, and the Goron Chief Darunia. These designs look great, with not much changing to their aesthetic besides a texture update. Then again, characters like Ruto and Darunia have such a simple design, it would be easy to over complicate them by adding or adjusting features.

There are also 3 more locations added in this update as well. These stages appear to based off of the locations of Death Mountain, Lake Hylia, and the Lost Woods (considering the Great Deku Tree’s appearance). It also appears that Gohma, the first boss in Ocarina of Time, will be an enemy character.

Some screenshots show that Impa and Lana appear to be getting alternate weapons. Impa’s new weapon appears to be twin fire blades, looking almost like shortened halberds. Lana’s weapon on the other hand is a little less clear. It appears to be some sort of Deku staff that may offer a variety of Deku-based attacks and summons, like the Deku Leaf from Wind Waker.

As with the Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword updates before, the Ocarina of Time update adds the game’s outfits as alternate costumes for Link and Zelda.

Given the size of this update and the fact that the Japanese release date for this game is in a little over two weeks, this might be the last big reveal for the game. It does seem odd since there has been no mention of Ganondorf, the series’ primary antagonist, appearing in the game at all.

It would be crazy to not include him at all, so it’s possible that his appearance of omission is story-related. Since this game is confirmed to be non-canon, it would be awesome to have Ganondorf as a playable ally and Pig Ganon as a villain. if that’s the case, September can’t come soon enough.

Hyrule Warriors will be releasing for the Wii U on August 14th in Japan and on September 26th in North America.

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