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Sprint Expected To Lose 900k Subscribers This Quarter

Sprint Expected To Lose 900k Subscribers This Quarter

Sprint has been having trouble lately keeping their customers. The carrier is now the least popular major carrier after giving up it’s third place sport not too long ago to T-Mobile. As the hemorrhaging continues, Sprint is expected to lost 900,000 more subscribers during the second quarter. This is likely because Sprint’s service is spotty and generally slow.

Interestingly however even with the quick loss of customers, Sprint’s CEO Dan Heese still made about $49 million in 2013. This is nearly three times the average salary of the CEOs of T-Mobile (John Legere – $29.2 million), AT&T (Randall Stephenson – $23.2 million), and Verizon (Lowell McAdam – $15.8 million).

Sprint definitely has their work cut out for them to stop the bleeding, and they might be trying to combat that with the rumored merger with T-Mobile. Are you a Sprint customer? Let us know in the comments if you plan on switching anytime soon.

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