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Verizon Charges A Company $3,000 And Doesn’t Know Why

Verizon Charges A Company $3,000 And Doesn’t Know Why

Do you usually get upset if you are charged for something you never got from a business that you use? Well what if you get wrongly charged from a business you DON’T use? Talking Points Memo had the same problem with Verizon. The charge? $3019.95. 

TPM hasn’t used Verizon since 2012. So why should they be charged $3,000? They don’t really know, and get this: neither does Verizon! Verizon came up with three different theories as to why they charged them. But before you even get to the reason for a wrong charge you have to get in contact with the comapny and find out, right? Well here’s what happened when they did.

So after a little internal due diligence, someone on staff contacted Verizon basically to ask WTF was going on. Only they couldn’t tell us because for security reasons we need to confirm our identity with a number on a recent phone bill? But we can’t do that because … right we’re not a Verizon customer.


Uhhhh… What? Well Verizon tells them that they can’t tell TPM about the bill info because they can’t identify themselves with another bill. But Verizon also came back and said that a Gregory E was the one who was being charged. Plot Twist: Gregory E doesn’t exist under TPM employee records!

What happens next is kind of interesting.

During the time I’ve been writing, Verizon came up with a new explanation which may or may not involve “Gregory E.”: it must be a government mandated emergency phone line which we never knew about.


You think they are done? Just wait one second.

PostScript: As of 3:10 PM, the latest is that Verizon says two of our old lines “regenerated” after we terminated service with them. So it seems like some version of the plot line in the third Star Trek film.


As of right now, that’s all there is to this story. But Verizon does have a history with hidden fees and wrongful charges. Maybe Verizon thinks they are too powerful.


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