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iPhone 6 To Include Mobile Payments?

iPhone 6 To Include Mobile Payments?

The iPhone 6 is expected to have a bigger screen size and now it might also replace your wallet. According to The Information, Apple is looking to partner with major credit card companies to create a method for making payments with your iPhone. 

Of course there has ALWAYS been the rumor that the next iPhone will have NFC. Don’t hold your breath on that. The Information’s report says that Apple may decide to skip NFC altogether and instead opt for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for transferring payment information. 

In this scenario, your credit card info would be stored on the Web. I personally hope this is not true and hopefully Apple finally takes the NFC Route vs Bluetooth or WiFi transferring. It will be very interesting to see what the end result is and if Apple even decides to include mobile payments with the iPhone 6. What are your thoughts? Would you use mobile payments if it was included with the iPhone 6? Comment below!

Source:  The Information

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