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Facebook Had 399 Million Active Mobile-Only Users During Q2

Facebook Had 399 Million Active Mobile-Only Users During Q2

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Facebook is still popular. If you don’t love it, you love to hate it, but odds are, you’re still on it. In fact in a recent report from Facebook, they had nearly 1.32 Billion active monthly users. Just in case that number doesn’t impress you, remember that that is about 14% of the Earth’s current population. About 400 million of those users use Facebook solely on their mobile devices. This is a huge increase from the same time last year when only 219 million users only accessed the network from the their phones. To emphasize, this isn’t users who use their phones to access Facebook. This is users who only access Facebook from their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc). 

This follows the trend that is ever more apparent. People are not using the desktop web as much as they used to. Other sites like YouTube and more have had similar growth in mobile usage lately and that’s a trend I only expect to continue.

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