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This Is The Samsung Galaxy Alpha – A 4.7″ Inch Aluminum-Clad Smartphone

This Is The Samsung Galaxy Alpha – A 4.7″ Inch Aluminum-Clad Smartphone

Rumors have been going around for quite a while of a new metallic smartphone from Samsung. We’ve seen leaks and more, but nothing has come yet. Today though, two new sets of images have come up revealing much more than we knew about one of these new devices. 

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha (SM-G850) is allegedly an upcoming smartphone from the Korean manufacturer. It sports a 4.7″ inch 720p display (apparently the same as used in the Galaxy S3 according to SamMobile). It brings a fingerprint scanner in the home button like the Galaxy S5. Most interestingly of all, this phone is made of metal. Well, at least part of it.

No you didn’t read that wrong. This phone really is made of aluminum. Unfortunately though that only reaches the sides of the device. The back carries the same dimpled design as the Galaxy S5. The heart rate sensor and ISOCELL camera appear to make the trip over as well, but that’s not confirmed. Use of LTE-A connectivity is shown in a second set of images as well. Luckily that second set of images also confirms that this is an Android device rather than a Tizen device. Some reports claim that the device does not have a microSD card slot, but in these images it appears that it does. 

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