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Netflix Bringing Gift Cards And Android TV Support Soon

Netflix Bringing Gift Cards And Android TV Support Soon

Recently Netflix has unveiled their press release for us to check out and we found some interesting topics in it. Why don’t we take a closer look?

One topic that was pretty interesting was Gift Cards. We all know what gift cards are and we are all familiar with using them. But Netflix wants their customers to be even more familiar. They are introducing these cards to give to others for a pre-purchased subscription from 1 month to a full year. We don’t know specifically where they will be available but we can imagine that it would be the same places that we usually get gift cards.

Another thing brought to our attention was the topic of Android TV. Netflix knows that some of the most important platforms for Movies and TV are Smart TV’s and recently Android TV. They plan on investing time onto ensuring their involvement in Android TV. 

The Netflix app for Google’s Android TV platform will appear on TVs from Sony, Sharp, and others in the coming months. Widespread adoption of Android TV can reduce the number of different platforms we need to support to ensure Netflix is broadly available on Smart TVs delivering a consistently first-rate experience, no matter the vendor. Android TV incorporates Google’s “cast” feature, allowing content discovery on mobile devices and laptops with streaming delivered to the big screen.

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