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How To Install Minecraft On A Chromebook

How To Install Minecraft On A Chromebook
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Chromebooks are easily the best bang for buck computers currently on the market since they have prices starting as low as $199 and provide a great experience that most people enjoy. However their one downfall, if you can call it that, is the inability to use native applications and play games. On a near constant basis I have parents asking me if their child can play Minecraft on a Chromebook since it has such a low cost. On Amazon, most negative reviews I see are because the machines can’t play the popular game. So let’s do something about that. Below is how you can install Minecraft on a Chromebook.

You do this at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage to your machine. Please read this entire tutorial once before attempting it yourself. This method has only been tested on Intel powered machines such as the Acer C720, HP 14, and others. If you are using a Samsung or other ARM powered Chromebook, please know that this tutorial may not work for you.

(Update – We were incorrect in saying that this will void your warranty.)

The first thing we need to do is put your Chromebook into developer mode. This will wipe your Chromebook and does take a few minutes. Make sure you copy any downloaded files to Google Drive or to external storage. Once you’ve copied your files, hit ESC + Refresh (F3) +Power Button and hold it down until your Chromebook reboots and you see the recovery screen (white background with yellow exclamation mark). From here, hit CTRL + D. This sets up your Chromebook in developer mode. You will be asked to confirm this action as it does wipe your machine. The process takes up to 10 minutes. After it is done, your machine will reboot and you will see a screen that says “OS Verification is off”. You will see a message that says to hit space to re-enable. Don’t do that. Instead wait 30 seconds for the machine to boot into Chrome OS or hit CTRL + D.

Next up, we can install Linux. This is how we are going to install Minecraft. The method we are using uses something called Crouton. This allows you to run Chrome OS and Linux at the same time. To download Crouton, you need to head over to this Github page. On the top of the page, you will see a link. You need to click that to download Crouton which in turn download Linux. The Linux version we are using is KDE. It provides a nice interface which is somewhat similar to what we are used to in Chrome OS and Windows. After you have downloaded Crouton, we can go ahead and install it.

To do this, hit CTRL + ALT + T. This will launch a new tab.

Next, type in “shell” and press enter.

Next, type in “sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -r saucy -t kde” and press enter.

Depending on your internet connection, this process can take up to 30 minutes. Once it has finished, it will ask you for a username and password. You can choose whatever you want for this step. Note: When typing your password, nothing will appear on screen. Type your password and hit enter.

Next up, we can boot into Linux. Type in “sudo startkde” and hit enter. After a couple seconds, you should see the KDE start screen and soon after, the desktop. Currently both Chrome OS and Linux are operating at the same time. To get back to Chrome, hit CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow (F1). Once you have done that, use Chrome to navigate to and download Minecraft for Linux. If you do not have a Minecraft account, you need to purchase one.

Once Minecraft has finished downloading, switch back to Linux. You can do this by hitting CTRL + ALT + Right Arrow (F2) followed by CTRL + ALT + Refresh (F3).

Once in Linux, click the KDE button in the bottom left of the screen. Once that has opened, type “kons” into the search bar and click Konsole. This opens a terminal application.

Once that opens, type the following lines of code. Note that case is important.

“mkdir ~/games”  and press enter.

“mkdir ~/games/minecraft”  and press enter.

“mv ~/Downloads/Minecraft.jar ~/games/minecraft”  and press enter.

“sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre”  and press enter.

Once you type that line and hit enter, you will have to wait a little while for everything to download.

After that is done, right click the kickoff button (bottom left corner) and select “edit applications”. Click “Games”, and then “New Item”. A window will open up and next type “Minecraft” and click “OK”.

Note: If “edit applications” doesn’t appear as an option, you will need to install kmenuedit. Open a terminal and type “sudo apt-get install kmenuedit”. When this has installed, close the terminal, log out, log back in (restarting ubuntu) and try again)

You should now see a few empty fields on screen. The first one you need to go to is the command field. Type in “java -jar Minecraft.jar”. Again, case is important. Next head to the advanced tab and find the work path. There type in “~/games/minecraft/”. The click to select “Run In Terminal”. Next click save and then close the editor.

You can now access Minecraft from the KDE menu (as shown in the video) and add it to your desktop. When playing the game, you can achieve frame rates up to about 60 frames per second once everything has loaded. This depends on your machines configuration. If you are planning to get a Chromebook for this purpose, we recommend an Intel powered machine such as the Acer C720, Dell Chromebook 11, or HP Chromebook 14.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can easily contact me on Twitter or Google+.

To Launch Minecraft After Set Up

If you want to access Minecraft again after going through the set up process, it’s very easy. Simple follow the short steps below.

  • Boot your Chromebook
  • Hit CTRL + ALT + T
  • Type “shell” and hit enter
  • Type “sudo startkde” and hit enter
  • Open Minecraft and enjoy!


These are few things you may want to remember when using this method.

  • Your Downloads folder syncs between Chrome OS and Linux
  • Your machine is in developer mode. 30 seconds will be added to the boot time if you don’t hit CTRL + D upon start up.
  • Switching from Chrome OS to Linux (after starting the Crouton command) uses the shortcut CTRL + ALT + Right Arrow (F2) followed by CTRL + ALT + Refresh (F3)
  • Switching from Linux to Chrome OS uses the shortcut CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow (F1)
  • The battery life of your machine is half of what it is normally when running Crouton
  • You need to power off the machine when in Chrome OS
  • Sounds from Chrome OS will still play even when in Linux during a Crouton session

Note: We have noticed since posting this tutorial that many things have changed. We are working on an updated version. It will be linked here when it is completed.

About The Author

Ben Schoon

Ben is a tech geek who co-founded YourTechExplained in 2016. Constantly switching between devices that literally surround him, he can be found reviewing the latest smartphones around the web.


  1. Emmanuel

    For some weird reason shell wont work when i type it its in developer mode im using the same hp chromebook 14 i opened crosh yet when i dowload crouton it wont work
    if u know how to fix it please help i really just wanted to play pc minecraft

    • Ben Schoon

      That’s a fairly common problem. There’s no guaranteed fix, but one way I know that works sometimes is to reset the machine.

  2. TheL0ngR0ad


    Thanks so much for this guide. It was easy for this neophyte to follow. Do you have any suggestions or know how with regard to installing Steam on kde? I haven’t been able to find any information that has worked thus far, but it may just be my lack of understanding. If I could figure out how to install Terraria and Starbound, we would be good to go!

    • Ben Schoon

      Personally I don’t think it’s worth the hassle. Most Steam games won’t run on the majority of Chromebooks. At least not very well.

      If you want to try, simply look for a tutorial about how to install Steam on Linux.

      • TheL0ngR0ad

        Thanks for the response! I actually spent several hours working through these issues yesterday. I wiped the chromebook and installed unity. A few hours and migraine later, we had both Minecraft and Starbound running. I will say that Minecraft ran better using your setup, but it still runs well on unity as we have it configured. Thanks again!

        • Devaughn Staple

          How did you do the edit applications part with unity?

  3. Maxshafran

    This was a very helpful guide but I got the the very end where you had to download the edit applications thing and I did successfully but when you said log out I logged out of Linux and it took me back to chrome and when I try to go back to Linux all I see is a grey screen. What’s going on? Can you help?

    • Matt

      Try to restart your machine. – Matt

  4. Laura

    I got to the part when you type in sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -r saucy -t kde but when i do that right below it it says sh: Can’t open /home/chronons/user/Downloads/crouton

    • moorhound

      try copying the script directly from this site, if your on a Chromebook, just go to the chronos with it copied and tap your mouse pad with 2 fingers, it will show up (i had the same problem, for some reason chronos doesn’t let you manually type the ~ symbol before /downloads) hope it helps 😉

  5. Dave

    What do you mean kickoff button? Im stuck on that part because i dont see anything in the lower right or left. I dont see any kick off button.

    • Filimy

      it is the blue button where there is a K. do you know how to log out of ubuntu?

      • Dave

        i dont see that anywhere. to logout i just click my name in the upper right click logout?

      • Dave

        nevermind, got it working! i also realized i dont have KDE, i have xfce4 so i assume thats probably why i didnt have a kick off button.

        • PhoenixGeek

          wait how did u get it to work? im running on xfce4 too and i got to the minecraft launcher but it cant run the games for some weird code reason

  6. Filimy

    how do you log out of ubuntu ?

  7. Adam

    Failed getting release file?

    • seb

      Same here -.-

      • matt


        • Carter Matthew

          Remove the “saucy” part as that release is not supported. Use “sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t kde” instead, which downloads the default release (precise).

  8. Indigoblur (Leann)

    Failed getting release file…

    • Indigoblur (Leann)

      Got it to work.. I used this line of code sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t kde instead of the line with the saucy above.

      • Luna

        Thanks! This helped

      • SavPass9

        it didnt work for me it says this

        /usr/local/chroots/precise already has stuff in it!
        Either delete it, specify a different name (-n), or specify -u to update it.

  9. Matt

    Hey, every time I try to play minecraft, it crashes. Fix?

  10. Abel F. Cordero

    When I type in “mkdir~/games” its says “bash: mkdir~/games: No such file or directory”. Please help me I’ve been trying to get minecraft on my chrome book so long.

    • Carter Matthew

      Note there is a space between “mkdir” and “~/games”. The command is mkdir ~/games. Hope this helped!

  11. Jason Kibbe

    This setup had been working fine for the past 6 months, now after ‘sudo startkde’, “Cannot open /dev/tty0, …unable to connect to X server: Connection refused”

    Did a Chrome OS update break the existing setup?

    Any fixes out there?

    • Ben Schoon

      I’ve had similar issues on my own devices. Simply resetting the machine and redoing the tutorial should fix it.

      • Jason Kibbe

        Thanks. It is a pain to start from scratch, but it worked! Back in business again! 🙂

        • Matt

          It still didn’t work for me

          • Matt C

            I finally got it.

  12. Matt

    Cannot open /dev/tty0 Fix?

  13. Matt C

    I tried to go back to chrome, but it didn’t do anything! Fix?

    • Hambuns

      Why does everyone else get fixes except these guys?

    • Livy Moss

      press “Ctrl+Alt+F1 or the back arrow”

      • Alex Briemr

        That command is what did not work for me, any other ways to get back to chrome?

    • Alex

      Im having the same problem i need halp plz i dont want my chromebook stuck in linux plz help!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Evan Lira

    My game is not working it says closed

  15. Katie

    Says ” Sudo: startkde: command not found” fix?

  16. Matt C

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  17. Maxwell Lockhart

    after I downloaded the edit applications I could not log back onto Linux idk any suggestions. fix.

  18. epicgaming101

    thsank you!!! now i can play around with redstone!! ;3

  19. William

    I can’t get the screen with edit applications to come up and installing kmenuedit isn’t working. What should I do? Hope you can help, as I have now spent a whole day trying to get minecraft on my sons Acer Chromebook. This is now about the tenth hurdle Ive come across. Please help!

    • Brent

      first after installing kmenuedit u have to search kmenuedit in the kde button bottom left it will pop up with ‘run kmenuedit’.

  20. william

    Ive sorted kmenuedit now, however, my localhost login won’t work now. How can I change it?

    • Livy Moss

      I have the same issue

  21. Becky Wheeler

    I have a 4yuntab notebook can we play minecraft on this.I don’t have a chrome
    Notebook can I play on my notebook

  22. CircuitSyn

    For anyone not being able to launch Minecraft make sure when creating directories in the below step to use SUDO when not doing so the directories never got created.

    “mkdir ~/games” and press enter.

    “mkdir ~/games/minecraft” and press enter.

    “mv ~/Downloads/Minecraft.jar ~/games/minecraft” and press enter.

    “sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre” and press enter.


  23. SavPass9

    keeps crashing WHY

  24. Livy Moss

    im confused on the part where you have to go and “Edit Applications”

    • Livy Moss

      I’v been on this since last night and its still not working

  25. David

    Every time I open minecraft it closes immediately. Any fix?

  26. Troll 12

    i need help when i type sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -r saucy -t kde it runs but it fails to retrieve file Halp!

    • Angelina P

      The same thing happens with me

  27. Daniel Pantalleresco

    “sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -r saucy -t kde” would not work for me. I instead did: “sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t kde” and it worked.

    • charli

      nothing is working evan the one YOU told us

      • Dan Pantalleresco

        To be sure, is there an internet connection and it is typed exactly and is case sensitive? I ended up going through the process 5 different times and did not have an issue on my chromebook14 – you are using a Chromebook?

        • Alex Briemr

          Do you have another way to get out of linux when you first enter it, because on my samsung chromebook that command doesn’t work…

    • Travis Hall

      thanks sooooo much, I felt like such a rookie for not being able to do this, but your method worked like a charm

  28. Alex Brimer

    i need help i can get to linux but i cant switch back to chrome i have to terminate it to be able to get back to chrome can i get some help to fix this issue please.

    also sooner is better please help me

    • Oliversama

      if you push shift+ctrl+alt+left arrow works for me now

  29. Alex Briemr

    Still can’t get out of linux without terminating plz help the command doesn’t work for me on my samsung chromebook

  30. Matt Christiansen

    try ctrl+alt+shift
    Alex Brimer

  31. Kassandra

    Hey, after downloading the minecraft file I can’t get back to Linux.. I tried CTRL+ALT+F2, but it didn’t work. Please help!

    • Kitty 45 (Kitty_45)

      it you cant:
      1.DONT use my quotatons
      2. only the words in the quotes are the words you type
      type “sudo startxfce4” if you used XFCE4
      type “sudo startkde” if you used KDE
      type “sudo startunity” if you used UNITY
      Hopefully this helped 🙂

  32. Geir Offenberg

    worked on toshiba chromebook 2. thanks! Some minor diffulcties along the way, like the cursor disappeared, and had to restart for it to show up again. That only happened one time. Also using saucy kde gave weird messages while installing…im sure it would have worked tho, but i chose to go xfce instead as suggested on the crouton site, which i recommend everyone to keep open and read in addition to this site, as you do this.

  33. Geir Offenberg

    worked on toshiba chromebook 2. thanks! Some minor diffulcties along the
    way, like the cursor disappeared, and had to restart for it to show up
    again. That only happened one time. Also using the suggested saucy kde gave weird
    messages while installing…im sure it would have worked tho but to be safe i
    chose to go xfce4 instead as suggested on the crouton site, which i
    recommend everyone to keep open and read in addition to this site, as
    you do this. You can then find out how to install any linux version, and a later version. Its suprisingly easy.

  34. sandra

    it dose not work

    • Connor Jewiss

      What part are you finding that doesn’t work?

  35. bearw0lf

    Can’t log back into Linux after downloading Minecraft?
    I’m definitely using the correct username and password as I wrote it down and entered it key by key.

    • Connor Jewiss

      If you can’t log back in to the Linux couldn’t you reset it via the command line before you log on? Or else you’d probably have to re-install Linux.

  36. Kendra Bellefleur

    how would this work for a chromebook already running a xfce version of linux?

    • Connor Jewiss

      You could powerwash the device, or try and find some way to enter the command line from the login section. Try X-D-A Forums. Linux is not really my area of expertise.

  37. Fredrick Remmington

    the command on crouton to boot into linux “sudo startkde” does not work

    • Connor Jewiss

      You’d probably have to powerwash the device, and re-install Linux. There might be another way, but Linux is not me area of expertise.

  38. Chance

    When I was typing the command “sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre” it says package not found. any help

    • Chance

      Minecraft also crashes as soon as I try to load it quickly flashing a screen that says something about java not working and loading /bin/bash

  39. Ben Schoon

    I am aware that many of you are having issues with this tutorial. I do plan to revise it sometime in early 2016, please stay tuned.

  40. Michael V

    I’m stuck at

    After that is done, right click the kickoff button (bottom left corner) and select “edit applications”. Click “Games”, and then “New Item”. A window will open up and next type “Minecraft” and click “OK” because there is no ‘games’ button.

  41. Fabrice Ruiz

    please help me after i type crosh> shell
    chronos@localhost / $ sudo sh -e -/Downloads/crouton -r saucy -t kde it says sh: Illegal option how do i fix this and i have a acer cb3-111

    • Kevin Jin

      Replace “sudo sh -e -/Downloads/crouton -r saucy -t kde” with “sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t kde”. Everything else should be the same.

      Hope this helps!

  42. marika paquette

    its says command not found
    and i have a chromebook hp 11

  43. Alfred

    When im in kde i cant find the Edit applications tab

  44. Aidan

    how do you make it multiplayer?

  45. Noah

    When i click on minecraft it wont launch

    • Kitty 45 (Kitty_45)

      Dude this isn’t Windows or Apple… Java won’t come naturally, which is Minecraft’s primary coding sorce. You need to open it the really strange crosh way to do it the first time.
      Hopefully this helped

  46. Redbro

    I do the command and it says run as a root

  47. Redbro

    im on a Dell Chromebook

  48. Redbro

    And i cant run sudu commands so i take out the sudu

  49. Kaidyn

    I cant even get shell to work it says ERROR: unknown command: shell
    plz help

    • Kevin Jin

      Check if you’re in Developer Mode. “shell” can only be used while in Developer Mode.

  50. Turner TDB

    Im on a toshiba chromebook

  51. Tommy_2_14

    hey, i am trying this tutorial on a Samsung chromebook (No idea what model) and I try the command :
    sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -r saucy -t kde
    and Crosh says saucy is an unsupported release, please help with this!!

    • Pius Lee

      trusty instead of saucy

    • Kevin Jin

      Replace “sudo sh -e -/Downloads/crouton -r saucy -t kde” with “sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t kde”.
      Everything else should be the same.

      Hope this helps!

  52. Tommy_2_14

    I try to download and it does not work… It fails, then retries like 20 times and then it does not work…

    • Kevin Jin

      Replace “sudo sh -e -/Downloads/crouton -r saucy -t kde” with “sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t kde”.
      Everything else should remain the same.

      Hope this helps!

  53. SurerCanine8

    I can’t sign in to download minecraft

  54. Kevin Jin

    This worked fine for me on an Intel HP Chromebook.

    However, does pressing CTRL+D at the beginning of every boot mean you skip the 30 second wait, or does pressing it reset your local data again? I’m too scared to experiment.


  55. Pius Lee

    ben can i help

  56. Pius Lee


  57. Pius Lee

    do this

    sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -r trusty -t kde

    • Aidan

      I tried but it did not work. After a while it gets stuck and does not continue!

    • Aidan

      please help

  58. werneo

    Hello — I have installed kmenuedit but I still cannot see any way to “edit application.” I restarted linux and in fact I restarted the entire computer. kmenuedit is confirmed installed, but no way to edit application. Now I am stuck. Please help! I have a Chromebook HP 14

  59. Andrew

    i have a Chromebook Acer C720 what do i do it says “sh:cant open” to anything i do

  60. Edwin

    you have the wrong command for kde this one works well
    sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -t kde