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Google Lifts Name Restrictions On Google+ – Chaos Approaches

Google Lifts Name Restrictions On Google+ – Chaos Approaches

Google+ is the social network of choice for many users, but also the one that you are just forced to use for many. Either way, over the past three years the network has built a large community made up of, believe it or not, real people. It’s not a ghost town like many still like to think. Soon however, a change is coming to Google+, and its definitely going to affect the way we use it.

Google+ has had a policy on the names we use on our profiles for a while, but it’s been unclear. Over time it’s been laxxed, but some users have still complained that they can’t set their names to whatever they want. This has been one of the highlights of Google+, interacting with real people instead of someone anonymous. However that’s changing, and we’ll all have to adjust. But the question remains, who was asking for this change in the first place? Here’s a few who might have.

  1. Twitter Users
    • This change allows users coming from Twitter to bring their same name along to the new platform. 
  2. YouTube Users
    • This allows angry YouTube users who didn’t want or who didn’t try to understand Google+ to bring their channel names over. This was already possible, but was still somewhat confusing for some users.

This could be viewed as a good thing or a bad thing. Some users will continue using Google+ like they did before, while others will take advantage of the change and swap their names for something new. How do you view this change? Is it for the good or the bad? Let us know in the comments!

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