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Minuum Demos Their Android Wear Keyboard – 3 Times You Might Use It

Minuum Demos Their Android Wear Keyboard – 3 Times You Might Use It

If talking to your watch seems a little unconventional to you, there are other options coming. Yes, that’s a keyboard. On a watch. Minuum is the first Android keyboard to show off their jump to the wrist, and they are probably the one to make the most sense. If you’re unfamilar with Minuum, it’s a keyboard designed to take as little space as possible on screen while remaining accurate. In fact, it’s usually less than half the size of other keyboards. That’s why their keyboard makes the most sense, it takes up very little screen space and gives you the opportunity to actually seen some messages. It’s unknown how they are getting this to work as, as far as we know, keyboards aren’t an option for Android Wear. 

Yes, you’ll look very weird using it, but believe it or not, this could be pretty useful. You might say, “how could this possibly be quicker than just taking out my phone” or maybe, “its just a bad idea”. So how about some situations where you might actually use it?

  1. In a meeting
    • In a meeting, you need to be quiet most of the time, and taking out your phone can be considered rude. So this is one place typing on your watch could be useful. You could simply type a quick message and send it rather than making the other person feel like you’ve ignored them.
  2. In the pool
    • At this point in time, all Android Wear devices are water and dust resistant. Some of us (myself not included) are daring enough to bring them in the pool with us. If you’re in the water and your phone is wet, you might be able to write a quick response, especially if you’ve got friends nearby.
  3. On public transit
    • If you live in a city, odds are you’ll be on public transit at some point. When your there, it’s not always an option to pull out your phone since the clumsy guy next to you might knock it down. But your watch is a good option, if its quiet. In comes a keyboard. You can type your response and then go on until your done on the subway or bus.

Reading those it might sound like I’m suggesting a conversation from your watch. I’m not. I would only use a keyboard on my watch for quick responses. Yes or no, catch you soon, I’ll call you back later. That kind of stuff. That said, would you use a keyboard on your watch? If so, you can sign up to try it out first through Minuum’s beta sign up.

Source: Minuum

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