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Windows 9 Build Apparently Leaks Out – A Merge Of The Classic UI And Metro

Windows 9 Build Apparently Leaks Out – A Merge Of The Classic UI And Metro

Windows 8 is an OS of mixed feelings. Some people love it, other absolutely hate it. It brought a complete redesign to Windows as we knew it, known as Metro UI. However recently, some new screenshots have come up showing off some builds of Windows 9, and it’s a merger of what we were used to, and what Microsoft wants.

Windows 9, also known as threshold, helps bring Windows to a place that hopefully everyone will like. One of the screenshots leaked shows off the new merged start menu which includes the traditional menu we’re used to from Windows 7 and back, but also brings pieces of Windows 8’s Metro UI along with it. This isn’t the first time we’re seeing this however. Microsoft demoed this as an addition to Windows 8 earlier this year.

Another screenshot shows off the Control Panel running over the desktop, a notable change from Windows 8. Some apps could run on the desktop, but a Metro app like the control panel could not. This will be a meaningful change for mouse-and-keyboard users. These changes aren’t expected to be the only changes for Windows 9, but it’s what were seeing so far. Windows 9 is expected to come in Spring of 2015, likely at BUILD 2015. 

Source: Extreme Tech

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