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Expecting The iWatch To Come In October? Well Don’t Get Your Hopes Too High

Expecting The iWatch To Come In October? Well Don’t Get Your Hopes Too High

Were you one the many people who thought the iWatch could hit production in September and be out in our hands by October? Well unfortunately, this may not be the case. Why?

Think about if for a minute. What will the iWatch have to offer? Most likely amazing specs and hardware along with incredibly detailed integration on the part of Apple. The iWatch will most likely be an addition to your iPhone and give you that much more power. But the thing is that because this is such an advancement, it could be difficult for Apple to start production in September. They may have to start production in November! That would really be the only way to even get it out before the biggest tech time of the year: the holidays. In the technology production world, if you don’t get your new product out before the holidays each year, you miss out on the biggest profit raise of that quarter.

This new information is coming from an analyst who even previously thought himself that it might hit production in September. But now he is saying because of all the technological leaps they may have to make, the original date we thought has to be pushed further in the year.

Another opportunity they miss is being able to announce their new tablet and new iPhone(s) with a new smartwatch. This information could have it’s faults but we can agree that Apple usually takes their time to claim that they worked hard on their products. What do you think about this whole issue? Could the iWatch be extremely late? Could this all be false info? Let us know in the comments or on any of our social outlets. We look forward to hearing from you!

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